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Embracing Change and Innovation: A Message from the Technical Co-Founder

Updated: Jan 26

Hello to our cherished BodyMindLife community,

First and foremost, a big thank you to all our students and teachers who have made the transition to our new system. Change is never without its challenges, and your feedback during this process has been invaluable.

Acknowledging the Transition Hiccups

For most, the switch to our updated system was smooth, but we recognise that for some, there were hiccups along the way. Your experiences, particularly from those who faced difficulties, have been crucial in refining our processes. As we prepare to roll out these changes across our Bondi and Surry Hills locations in March, your input has been instrumental in reducing potential stress.

Unexpected Discoveries

One of the interesting aspects of this transition has been the unexpected nature of the issues we encountered. Some anticipated problems turned out to be non-issues, while others we hadn’t foreseen became our focus in areas like students using new email accounts to what was in the original system and unable to match them causing unexpected billing problems.

Thanks to your patience and feedback as we now have a system that offers us greater control and flexibility.

We have also found that we need to do some things differently to what we did before and still learning these, but we are finding the Chat function in the App and Website is allowing us to be much more responsive to you and breaking the pain of email.

The other part has been seeing how strict Wix is on the Credit Card interface in what we can do which is actually good in the new world of hackers and what they have been doing.

Introducing New Features

With these hurdles behind us, we’re excited to unveil new functionalities that were previously not feasible. A notable addition is the ability to self-manage your attendance. The first step was allowing you to cancel instead of having to contact us. Next is you can now easily pause and resume your membership through the new app.

Simply visit the Extras tab and select “pause/resume” to manage your membership directly. Do note that due to current limitations with our platform provider, Wix, you might need to log in again when redirected to our website. We have reached out to Wix to see if this can be changed in the future.

If you are already on the Website, then you will see a new menu item in your account area called pause.

Membership Pause Rules

We’ve implemented a few guidelines to ensure this feature is used fairly: there must be a minimum of 7 days between pausing and resuming with only 1 day notice, ie tomorrow, and this option can be used up to four times a year.

If our new system doesn’t meet your needs, you have the flexibility to cancel and rejoin at any time, subject to current pricing conditions.

Exciting Developments Ahead: Loyalty Points

The next feature in our pipeline is the introduction of Loyalty Points. This system rewards you for attending classes, and we’re even backdating it to include all your past classes from our old system. One of the perks will be the ability to gift a class to a friend using these points, a fresh take on our previous ‘bring a buddy’ model. More details on this will follow soon. With this rewards model, we will also be looking at students cancelling classes, especially ones who book multiple classes and then the night before cancel all but one. It is all about respecting the community, some that Phil is very focused on.

A Bit About Me

I’m Peter, the technical co-founder behind this new business model that we are doing together as Kula Digital. Have extensive experience in software development across various industries and my passion lies in making business operations more effective and less complex. You can check out my LinkedIn profile to see some of my work and the journey that brought us here.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support and feedback are what drive us to continuously improve and innovate.

Warm regards,


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