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BodyMindLife Byron Bay Yoga & Pilates Team


BodyMindLife is a leader in yoga, Pilates and wellness. We have been creating beautiful spaces to heal for the last 22 years and our Byron Bay studio with our extraordinary team of teachers  is a perfect way to unwind, relax, invigorate and have fun. We are here to support and nurture your wellness needs.



Born from a desire to empower reconnection through education, BodyMindLife was established in 2002, and co-founded by yoga teacher and entrepreneur Phil Goodwin.

Phil and his wife Ferique now co-own and run BodyMindLife from their Byron home, raising their young daughter, Gigi. Ferique Brown is an award-winning architect and designer. She has helped to shape the heart of BodyMindLife by designing meaningful spaces with regard to their energetic qualities using sacred geometry to encapsulate healing.

Beyond their contributions to the wellness industry, Phil and Ferique lead a multifaceted lifestyle as organic farmers, tending to vegetable crops and revitalising farmland. Their dedication extends to overseeing a homeschool program benefiting 20 families, tailored to children aged 6 to 12. This initiative prioritises project-based learning and the cultivation of emotional intelligence among young learners.

They are also deeply immersed in cutting-edge technology, with a mission to empower and establish resilient and sustainable micro-communities. Our Byron bay studio is the first example of this in the country

The driving force behind their vision is a profound heart connection that continually ignites their passion for community. Their collective vision is simple: for every individual involved with BodyMindLife, their experience should be a catalyst for personal evolution, connection, and growth.

Image of the co-founders of BodyMindLife Phil and Ferique Goodwin and their daughter Gigi
A full yoga studio of people at BodyMindLife Byron Bay



Our vision is about empowering reconnection through mindful movement. It’s our mission to support you as you connect with your unique sense of self, through education and the practice of yoga and Pilates. We embody purpose and positive change through our collective studio community. Our studios welcome students of all levels, from the beginner to the advanced practitioner.


We offer a diverse range of services designed to support a life of wellness in an otherwise hectic world. From yoga, reformer, and mat Pilates classes, educational workshops and our teaching academy, through to retreats, therapies, community events, corporate wellness, business collaborations and bespoke retail products – we offer something for everyone.



Our journey is rooted in a passion for wellness, community, and the possibilities that technology brings to the forefront of the modern studio experience.

At the helm of this transformative endeavour is Co-Founder, Peter Tippett, united by a vision to redefine the studio landscape. The launch of this website in December 2023 marks a significant milestone in this exciting journey.


We believe in the power of technology to simplify, streamline, and enhance your experience. One noteworthy change is our new real-time payment system. As a student signs in, funds are automatically allocated to the teacher, landlord, operations, and the community—eliminating delays and fostering trust.


Our ethos revolves around the idea that teachers are the heartbeat of BodyMindLife. That's why we've crafted a new business model that puts empowerment and community at the forefront.

We have just started on this journey and we are taking it global as we see the old way of running a studio needs to change, and technology can now make this happen in a truely workable and transformative way.

Pilates teacher talking with his students at BodyMindLife Byron Bay
two women enjoying themselves in the luxury plunge pools at BodyMindLife Byron Bay



Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our dedication to your well-being. The studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art Hepa 3 air filtration system designed to ensure the highest standard of fresh air, and Far Infrared heating to help you detoxify while you flow.


With mother Earth in mind, our studio is powered by 100% sustainable solar energy, and features a 20Kw solar array, bike racks, energy efficient LED lighting, low water flush amenities, and rainwater harvesting systems. Choose from a variety of yoga, reformer and mat Pilates classes that will either have you sweating with vigour or in a deep state of relaxation.


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Being human. Finding connection with others, ourselves and our surroundings.

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Our bodies are made to move. We run classes to stretch, move, sweat and meditate.

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Our teachers are some of the best in Australia and abroad, with 100% accreditation.

"BodyMindLife welcomes everyone. We aspire for each individual, whether they spend a day, a week, or five years with us, to witness an enhancement in their life. Our commitment to providing accurate information empowers our teachers, staff, and students to make better lifestyle choices and decisions. As this information is internalised, it transforms into knowledge, and from knowledge arises wisdom. Change is possible no matter what your circumstance or who your are."

Phil Goodwin founder of BodyMindLife Byron Bay

-Phill Goodwin, Founder

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