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The secret to lasting transformation

  1. We get attention

  2. We get what we perceive as love

  3. It makes us feel noble or spiritual So, to change and transform from one belief to another needs your desire to change must be greater than the resistance to change. When we first cultivate desire, it starts as a flicker...yet can grow into a huge flame enough to push through any of the resistances (stories, old belief patterns). Cultivating desire takes energy and courage - firstly you need to see and accept that there is a habit or issue that needs to change, then you see how holding onto that pattern of behaviour  does not serve you or how it holds you back from being your best self. Becoming Self Aware To start this process you need to notice what are the things that give you energy and what are the things that take it away. To achieve lasting transformation, you're going to need every ounce of energy you can find. As hard as this might be, change is always possible to those with the courage to look within and notice their truth. Cultivating Positive Energy The single best way to cultivate positive energy is through a committed yoga, pilates and meditation practice. Through the practices (these become your solid ground) all areas of life are pretty much impacted. For example, I've heard from several members who were formerly smokers, that  when they established a committed practice they found to imagine continuing to smoke. As your transformation gains momentum it gets easier: you begin to sleep better, feel better and make better lifestyle decisions. This comes from having more energy. From this new place you are ready to start doing battle with your patterns that are restricting you from being everything you can be. The Transformation Project Later this month we'll be unveiling The BodyMindLife Transformation Project; a first-of-its-kind 'wellness study' to measure the impact of an integrated Yoga, Pilates & Meditation practice on quality of life and performance. Through self-investigation, discipline and practice building over 28 days, you'll kickstart the process of transformation and discover a solid foundation for your ongoing practices. The project will provide a framework for you to understand what is holding you back and importantly we will be there to support you on this exciting journey. Our wish for you is that you become everything you want & are capable of being.

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