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Phil Goodwin: What 'community' means to me...

'Our guiding philosophy has always been to create a community that facilitates connection between people, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves' Last month we met the face behind BodyMindLife, Phil Goodwin and heard how his passion for transformation manifested Australia’s most thriving Yoga &  Pilates communities. But ‘Community’ is a term that is often thrown around.  So, here’s Phil to explain just what it means to him and what it is that keeps the BodyMindLife community so strong…. A place of shared connection Whether it be the neighbourhood, a surf club or a Yoga and Pilates studio; a community is place where we gather, connect, learn, support and celebrate each other. It is essentially a place to call home.... whenever we need it. For Yoga and Pilates students, practicing at a studio holds you accountable. It brings your intention to life. And in the class, this common thread binds us all…and we laugh, cry and move together as one. As a student this accountability is critical for personal growth and to foster 'Svadhyaya', the highest self study. The role of the teacher We all need teachers who physically support us and are with us on our journey. In the studio environment, as the teacher / student relationship evolves it transforms into something deeper, more intimate and long-lasting. And for the teacher themselves, the studio is the platform where their training, creativity focus and connection culminate.  Connected teachers have the ability to guide a class full of students through a unique and personal experience. Community as a choice Deep down we all want to feel a sense of belonging -and ultimately, where you choose to spend your time (whether that be offline or online) is because of the energy of that community or person. To feel involved and part of something that resonates with you is important, it helps us to understand that we are not alone in the world. Community is created by connection. So reach out and dare to connect with someone at your studio…. you will most likely find a heart welcoming response.

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