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How can we live more conscious lives?

How can we live more conscious lives? What catalyst sparks our desire for change, inspires us to step into our power and implement yoga in our everyday? On April 1, we head to Byron Bay for the week-long retreat that marks the beginning of our part-time Yoga Teacher Training. It's a time of transformation, an immersion in movement, mantra, breath and meditation. Intentions are set and new friendships form within the diverse group. Some want to stand as teachers, leading smart and inspiring classes, others to broaden their knowledge and gain a deeper understand of their personal practice. All are ready to participate fully, and find their authentic voice as leaders. The program is both practical and philosophical, ancient knowledge infused into modern living, and completed over five months so it can be practiced and absorbed. Layers are peeled back, strength uncovered. "Do the work", we hear. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes it's ugly and we don't like what we find when we get on our mat -- but we sweat and laugh. A lot. It's very real. Rumi says, “What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”

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