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How 28 days can change the way you think, feel & live

Feel like you need a reset?

The latest neuroscience research tells us that nothing about our personalities is fixed. As hard-wired as we think we are, change is always possible and is open to anyone.

The Transformation Project is our take on a 28-day challenge. It’s a chance to commit to a yoga or Pilates practice, clear your head and tune in to the life you actually want to live.

It’s a commitment to five yoga or Pilates classes a week, 10 minutes of meditation each day and a daily journal to monitor your progress.

You’ll be invited to attend special studio events and community meet-ups, and our teaching team will support you with daily motivation, tips and advice, online Q&A sessions and practice guides.

What you can expect:The Transformation Project focuses on eight areas in our lives affect our overall wellbeing and happiness. Yoga and Pilates offers so much than physical movement and when we commit to each practice, change will happen. The challenge is perfect if you’re:

  1. Dealing with stress or feeling overwhelmed at the moment

  2. Looking to explore your purpose in life and understand what makes you happy

  3. Wanting to improve your relationship with yourself and others

  4. Ready to advance your yoga and/or Pilates practice

  5. Keen to shift habits and create positive patterns of behaviour

  6. In need of more sleep, energy and general feelings of health and vitality Last time, students reported their sense of well being had improved by 36 per cent by the end of the project. Sleep quality also went up by 25 per cent, feelings of stress and anxiety decreased by 55 per cent, energy levels leaped by 41 per cent, sense of purpose improved by 46 per cent and a general satisfaction with life increased by 33 per cent… and that’s just the start. The Transformation Project is our most popular studio initiative for a reason. Take control in 2019 and see how the practice can really impact your body, mind and life.

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