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Balance, tone, total control, come and get sweaty betty with me! for design purposes.
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"Hidden talent....I am an avid knitter making custom orders - check out my instagram welovetheknittygritty - Think Haute couture oversized jumpers made from Australian marino wool in saturated colours. Knitted with love and filled with vibrancy.
Knitting is my meditation, the Yin to my Yang!"


Lynsey believes pilates is a transformative practice, whether it’s to sculpt, repair or strengthen - your training should reignite your body awareness through empowered movement and kinaesthetic practice to allow for safe functional patterns.

"I love how Lynsey brings such amazing energy and creativity to her classes (that are ALWAYS challenging)! She has a wonderful supportive humour and incredible knowledge of the body, that makes it even more enjoyable! Thank you for holding space for us x"


Born in the UK, she has over ten years international performance experience. Graduating from the prestigious Rambert Ballet School with honours, moving directly into the European Ballet Company, she then went on to have an amazing career performing on the West End, Broadway and touring the world in shows such as West Side Story, Copacabana, Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake before joining Sir Matthew Bourne’s world-renowned company, New Adventures.


The knowledge she has gained through spending her life in the arts, in the studio, refining her own practice both as a dance artist and a pilates fanatic, understanding the foundations and physicality of movement, is what inspired her to become a pilates instructor.


She loves that Pilates emphasises core muscles including the abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks, it targets specific muscle groups increasing muscle tone and endurance, it challenges balance and coordination, encouarges a heightened awareness of body alignment, movement patterns and overall body mechanics which is beneficial for posture and it creates a mind body connection with concentration, control, precision and breath.


Lynsey loves working alongside people on their journey and offers both group classes and private sessions. Her classes are based on contemporary exercise science and rehabilitation principles, adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of people including those looking for support in recovery, injury prevention, pre and post pregnancy or to maintain fitness.

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