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Embrace what is true and steady within
Yoga, Meditation, Teacher Training Facilitator, Workshop, Retreat
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Beyond studio classes, Fletcher leads transformative workshops, fostering self-discovery and spiritual connection. His expertise extends to community and professional settings, where he integrates ancient wisdom and modern insights to enhance well-being and empowerment.


Fletcher's love of Yoga was born from illness and injury in his early twenties. Driven by his own healing experience, he is most passionate about the subtle aspects of Yoga.

His love of teaching Yoga has led him to dedicate his life’s work to the practices and teachings of Yoga.

Fletcher's dynamic & intelligent style of teaching matched with his compassionate presence will leave you both inspired and grounded.

Certified 500YTC:
Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa, Himalayan Kundalini, Kriya & Yin Yoga


Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Fletcher's youth was marked by a passion for competing in multiple sports. However, his life took a transformative turn during his early twenties when he faced a debilitating illness, confining him to bed and rendering him incapable of regular work. It was during this challenging period that Fletcher rediscovered the profound healing and unifying power of Yoga.


As he delved deeper into the practice of Yoga, Fletcher found solace, clarity, and a sense of unity that proved to be instrumental in navigating the chaos of his circumstances. This period of introspection and connection with Yoga became a turning point in his life. Shortly afterwards, he decided to leave his hometown, dedicating himself to the pursuit and development of his Yogic practice. It was during this journey that he encountered his spiritual teacher, Master Sha, further deepening his spiritual connection.


Fletcher often reflects on this transformative phase of his life, describing it as a time of true grace and divinity. He enthusiastically shares his experience whenever asked, emphasizing how the practice of Yoga provided internal clarity and guidance during a period of significant change and chaos.

The impact of this transformative experience is evident in Fletcher's approach to teaching. His classes are characterized by creativity, dynamism, authenticity, and heartfelt expression. Blessed with intimate exposure to various teachers from diverse ancient and modern spiritual traditions, Fletcher is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and wisdom, fostering a deep connection to transformative practices.


Recently, Fletcher has expanded his teaching repertoire by conducting workshops that encompass his forever-expanding understanding of Yogic, Buddhist, and Taoist teachings. These workshops serve as a platform for individuals to delve into these transformative practices and connect with their own spiritual journeys.


Beyond group settings, Fletcher possesses a unique talent for working one-on-one with students. Drawing on his innate abilities and skills honed through exposure to multiple ancient traditions, he assists individuals in designing and connecting to their personal practices. Whether guiding someone through healing or transformation goals, Fletcher's personalized approach reflects his commitment to supporting others on their spiritual paths.


Certified 500YTC:

Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa, Himalayan Kundalini, Vedic Transcendental Wisdom, Sattva Yoga, Kriya, Naad, Laya, Sattva Meditation.


Certified by Tao Academy Global:

Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, Divine Tao Hands Practioner


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